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The State Structure of Ukraine

Ukraine is a sovereign state. It has its own territory, its legislative and executive organs and its government. From 1922 to 1991 Ukraine formed a part of the former USSR. In 1991 it was proclaimed an independent state. Nowadays it is a free sove­reign state.

On the 16th of July 1990 Ver­khovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the “Declaration of the State Sove­reignty of Ukraine”. The Declaration has ten parts devoted to the self-determination of the Ukrainian na­tion, state power, citizenship, civil rights, economic independence, cul­tural development, home and foreign policy. According to this document three levels of power are to be differ­entiated: the legislative, the executive and the judicial powers. By the form of the governance Ukraine combines the elements of parliamentary and presidential republic. President is the head of the state, he is also the head of the executive branch of power. A president is elected by the people of the country at a general election for a period of five years. In accordance with the laws of Ukraine a president can’t be younger than 35 years of age, must live in the country no less than 10 years, must be a citizen of Ukraine and he must master the national language.

Verkhovna Rada is the highest legislative body of Ukraine. It consists of one chamber only. It includes 450 people’s deputies. The laws of the country are made by them. The chairman of the body is elected by its all members.

The Cabinet of Ministers is the highest executive body of our state. The Prime Minister is elected by the Parliament. He forms his cabinet himself. However, every minister shall be appointed by Verkhovna Rada. The President and the Cabinet of Ministers are responsible for the emplimentation of laws adopted by Verkhovna Rada.

The Supreme Court of Ukraine is the supreme judicial body. The head of it is the Supreme Public Prosecutor who is appointed by the Parliament for 4 years. His main duty is to secure the fulfilment of the laws. Besides the Supreme Court there is a special organ — Con­sti­tutional Court, the main aim of which is to guarantee the accordance of the newly adopted laws to the Constitution of Ukraine. The judges are elected by Ver­khovna Rada for a period of 10 years.


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