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Seasons and Weather

There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring months are March, April and May. This season is especially wel­come because everything awakens from its long winter sleep. In spring the changes in nature are especially striking: the weather is getting gradu­ally warmer, the days got longer; the trees begin to bud and a bit later new fresh leaves appear on them. Some­times it rains out not very hard and the rains, especially in May, are very useful for agriculture. The sun shines brightly. The grass is green and a lot of flowers peep out from the grass. They are bluebells, violets and snowdrops, the sight of which makes our hearts beat quicker. In early spring all the migra­tory birds begin to return. They twitter and sing sweetly on the branches of the trees.

Summer months are June, July and August. It is the hottest season of the year. Sometimes the heat is unbearable. The days are the longest. Every­body enjoys summer with its cloudless sunshine, with its gardens and mead­ows full of flowers. It sometimes rains and everybody enjoys warm summer rain which cools the air and lays the dust. The grass and the foliage on the trees are green again. Everything looks fresh and bright.

In summer many people leave town and spend the hottest time in the country or at the seaside. They like to go for long walks in the woods, gather Flowers, mushrooms and berries.

After summer autumn comes. The autumn months are September, Octo­ber, November. The warm days of early autumn are called “Indian Summer”. The fruits are ripe and may be gathered in. In autumn the days become shorter and the nights longer. The leaves turn yellow, brown and red. The earth is covered with fallen leaves. Sunny days are rare. There is either a thin continuous rain, called a drizzle or it pours and the English people say: It’s raining cats and dogs. Everything looks gloomy.

The last season we are to speak about is winter. The winter months are December, January and February. The days are short and gloomy. The sky is pale. The sun shines rarely, it sets early and rises late. This is a sea­son of snow-storms, severe frosts, bitter winds. Sometimes it is slippery and one must be careful when crossing the road. The rivers and lakes are covered with thick ice.

In conclusion we can say that spring is the season of ploughing and sowing; summer brings us berries, first fruits and vegetables; autumn is the season of harvesting — it is the season of plenty; winter is the season of pre­paratory work in agriculture.


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