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Olympic Games

The world's greatest international sports games are the Olympic Games. The Olympic idea means friendship and cooperation among the people of the world. The Olympic emblem is five rings; blue, yellow, brown, green and red. The flag of any country has at least one of these colours.

The original Olympic Games began in ancient Greece in 776 ВС. It was a great music festival including competitions in six kinds of sports: run­ning, long jump, throwing of discus and javelin*, wrestling**. The games were for men and children only. Women couldn't take part in the competitions or even watch them at the stadium. The first modern Olympic Games took place in Athens in 1899. The ancient Greeks had no winter sports. Only in 1924 the first Winter Olympic Games took place in Britain.

Now we have Summer and Winter Olympic Games every second year in different countries. The latest Summer Olympic Games were in Greece in 2004, the latest Winter Olympic Games were in the USA in 2002.



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