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My Working Day

I don’t feel like speaking about my working day in detail. The everyday routine doesn’t present any interest to anybody but everyday life is some­thing that makes an essential part of our life.

So my day starts when I hear my alarm-clock ring or my mothers voice: “Darling, it’s time to get up”. Though I am a heavy sleeper I can easily return to reality after my night dreams. The thing that helps me do that is a cold shower which I take every morning with a great pleasure. The water feels very cold on winter mornings, but I rub myself hard with the towel and soon I feel quite warm.

It doesn’t take me long to get dressed. As soon as I have done that I am ready to have breakfast. Some people say that they like to begin their day well, so their breakfast is good. They make it rather substantial. With me it is different I prefer having a cup of tea or coffee and some sandwiches. But after a breakfast like this I soon feel hungry and at about 12 o’clock I have a bite at our school canteen. My lessons are over at about two o’clock.

When I am back home I have din­ner. This time I eat something for the first course, a meat dish and some­thing for dessert. After hard work at school and after a hearty dinner I feel tired and sleepy. Sometimes I invite friends to have a chat or listen to music. Then it is time for me to get down to doing my lessons. It takes me two or three hours to do my homework. Sometimes, and rather often too, I have to sit up late especially on those days when I have to write a composition or to make some report. As a rule I am through with my homework at about eight o’clock. Then I have two or three hours at my disposal which can be spent on reading, chatting with friends, watching TV.

I am afraid you have got an impression that I never do anything about the house. Certainly, I do. It is my everyday duty to tidy up the rooms, to wash up, to cleat away the table and once in a while to go shopping, that I like most. This way I can kill two birds with one stone having a walk and doing some useful work.

After about 11 o’clock I go to bed to get up early next morning to begin everything anew.


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