Школяр України

My Hobby

Hobby is a person’s favourite past time. People usually choose hobbies according to their interests. They collect stamps, toys, coins, cars or books.

When I was a child of ten I collected dresses for my Barby. It was so interesting to draw them. My Mother helped me to sew them at first. Then I started to make them myself. At school I had a lot of girl-friends who admired my collection. Some of them liked my ideas and soon we decided to organize a club of new fashion for Barbies.

My hobby was both interesting and useful. I asked my parents to take me to a course of sewing. There I was taught how to cut out a pattern and how to join details. At first it was difficult but I did my best. My doll then had original and nice dresses. Now all Barby’s clothes are in the box waiting for other children.


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