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My Friend’s Birthday

Yesterday my English friend John invited me to his birthday party. The traditions of celebration are very unusual in his family. I‘ve got a balloon invitation, John cut the card in the form of balloon, glued it to the envelope and put a piece of string on it. Then he wrote the invitation on the balloon. Next he prepared place markers in the form of the balloon too. He wrote the names of the guests and folded the balloon in half so that it stood up. Each of the guests had a name badge so everybody knew who was who. John’s mother made a cake. He put sandwiches, biscuits, frizzy drinks, milk shakes, sweets and buns on the table.

John told me that he made something special. I couldn’t guess. They were apple surprises. When I entered his house a lot of blown up balloons were hung on the door. My friend explained that when children would go home he would give one to every guest.

After the feast we played different games. One of them was “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” The children had a scarf over their eyes, they had a chance to pin the tail on the drawn donkey. John’s got lots of books, videos films and computer games. He was happy. As for me I decided to celebrate my birthday in such way too because it’s interesting and jolly.



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