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My Friend

I have a friend. We have known each other since early childhood. We went to the same kindergarten and sit at the same desk at school. When one of us gets into trouble, the other helps.

Oksana, this is her name, she is a pretty-looking girl with fair hair, big blue eyes, and a charming smile. She has a bright and happy nature. She isn’t very tall.

At school Oksana is good at English. For me this subject is very difficult. My friend helps me a lot. We do homework together. She brings many cassettes with stories in English, videos, films and books. By the way, Oksana collects many films in English. She has nearly 40 films in her collection. Her help makes schooling much easier and more pleasant for me.

My hobby is sewing. I sew clothes not only for myself but for Oksana too. That’s why we always look great.

Of course, I don’t mean to say that she is an ideal person. Like anyone else she has some drawbacks but, she is a wonderful friend and we get on pretty well.



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