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My Flat

High many-storied buil­dings have become an inseparable feature of our towns and cities. I live in a block of flats on the seventh story. Our house is situated in a new district called Oleksiyivka. The house is new and, as they put it, of “an improved planning”.

It’s a two-bedroom flat I live in. We’ve got a sitting-room, two bedrooms and besides a kitchen, a bathroom and a hall. The room I like best is the sit­ting-room. It is quite a big one. On the floor there is a thick carpet of light shades to match very nice wall­paper. On one side of the room there is a big bookcase full of different books in Russian, Ukrainian and English because my mother is a great lover of reading. In the sitting-room there is a big window, so the room is light and airy. There are two comfortable arm­chairs near a small table with a pile of magazines on it. I like the color and the look of our sitting-room suite. It makes the room look quite cozy and modern. One more detail is lots of flowers everywhere.

One of the bedrooms belongs to my parents. There you can see two beds with a bedside-table near each of them, a wardrobe, which occupies quite much room. Near the window there is a desk where my father works sometimes. So, you see, the bedroom serves as a study, too. On the wall above the beds there are two beautiful water-colors. The window of the bedroom overlooks the yard that is very much like a garden with so many trees in it. There are nice curtains on the window; they are drawn when the electric light is turned on in the even­ing. In the left-hand corner there is a dressing-table with a big mirror.

The third room is my bedroom which is my study, too. It is not large, I should say it is the smallest room, but it is very cozy. There isn’t much furniture in it, only the most necessary pieces. There is a writing-table and a chair before it. The table has got three drawers and I keep my textbooks, notes, pens, pencils and many other things in them. In the right-hand cor­ner there is a bookcase full of books. There is a sofa with some cushions in the room. I think it good to have a sofa instead of a bed. This makes the room look more modern. There are some flowers in the room. I take care of them, wa­ter and plant them out, cut dead leaves and so on. I like my room and I receive my friends in it.

The next room to describe is our kitchen, the most often visited place. Everybody likes to be there, sit and talk about this and that. But the kitchen is a special care of our mother. She cooks, boils, bakes things there with the help of the gas-stove, cooking utensils — pots, pans, frying-pans, saucepans, a kettle, a coffee-pot, etc. When we want to have a bite, we stay in the kitchen, where everything we need is quite handy.

There isn’t much to be said about the bathroom with its bath, a shower and a wash-basin. The wash-basin has taps for hot and cold water. On the rail at the side of the wash-basin there is a towel. The looking-glass is on the wall, over the wash-basin. There are also brushes, soap-dishes, some sponges, tooth-brushes and the like on a shelf above the wash-basin.

I haven’t mentioned yet the room each flat begins with — a hall. To my mind, a hall should be big enough to room several people, but our hall is very small and if there are more than one of us in it we feel quite uncom­fortable. The hall looks more spacious thanks to some built-in closets. There is a coat-rack, a mirror and a chest of drawers in it.

So I hope you have a good idea about our flat now. Of course it would be nice to have a spacious modern two- or three-storied cottage. Perhaps, in future I’ll have one.


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