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My Favourite Subject

I'm so interested in the English language because I adore my teacher of English.

In my opinion, our teacher of English is a pro­fessional. She knows the language perfectly and her pronunciation is amazing! Our teacher is competent in everything connected with the English language. She often tells us about British and American people, about their traditions, history and modern life. And we, the pupils never get bored listening to her.

It's natural that in lessons of English we have to do difficult and sometimes unpleasant things like doing grammar exercises, learning large texts and dialogues by heart and cramming new words. But most of the activities are quite interesting; we write compositions, learn rhymes and proverbs and play games! Our teacher of English often gives us topics for discussion. We think about them at home and then in class we express our ideas on the spot. Actually I like texts for listening most; they are often funny, with an interesting plot and unpredictable ending.

I think the secret of our teacher is in the kind and respectable attitude with her pupils; she is friendly with us and we feel friendly to her.

It does not mean that our teacher is not strict she makes us work. To be more exact, she makes us want to work and we study with pleasure!

We all like our English classes very much. And if it depended on me, I'd have the English lessons every day.



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