Школяр України

My Family

My family is not large, to my great regret, because I like big friendly families. There are only three of us; my mother, my father and me.

I‘d rather begin with my mother, a very pleasant-looking woman with big blue eyes and beauti­ful fair hair, aged 42. The most striking feature about her is that she is a wonderful listener. And this trait of hers makes people confide in her. What is more, she is always ready to help or to give some good advice. I know that she is well-respected by her colleagues and highly spoken of for her proficiency at work. And for me she is the best mother one can think of.

The next one to speak about is my father, he is a middle-aged man, tall, rather handsome with thick fair hair just beginning to go grey. He is a few years older than my mother but he looks young, strong and full of en­ergy. He is not an easy person to deal with. He likes having things his own way. What is good about him is that whatever he does he does it properly. He demands the same on our part. My father is a well-read, educated person, whom we can always turn to in case of necessity. And you are sure to be given either some help or a good piece of advice. Besides he has rather important profession — that of an engineer.

The last one to speak about is my­self. I am 17, in October I’ll be 18. I am a schoolgirl now, but next year I hope to become a student of the Insti­tute of foreign languages. I spend much time on it reading books in the original, speak­ing English (I never miss a chance of speaking to native speakers). Besides this I am fond of drawing. It’s a beautiful kind of art and I have my lessons three times a week. So you see I am quite a busy person, but I don’t complain of it. This makes my life more interesting. Nevertheless I always find some time for meeting my friends, going out somewhere or just staying at home, enjoying the company of my family. That is really grand when we gather together in the evening and have a hearty talk about everything — books, music, life, differ­ent countries.


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