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The history of London, GB’s capital goes back nearly 2,000 years to A.D. 43, when the Romans founded a trading port, called Londinium, on the river Thames. The capital has three parts. The City of London’s financial district and consists largely of modern banks and office buildings. But it also contains such historic buildings as St. Paul’s Cathedral, built by the great English architect Sir Christopher Wren between 1`675 and 1710.

Central London contains the busiest and best-known parts of London. The Tower of London is now a museum. In Westminster, the center of Britain’s government, are the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace.

London has many professional theaters and four world-known symphony orchestras. Numerous art galleries and museums are found in the city.

London is also rich in traditional ceremonies. Every morning, the famous changing-of the guard ceremony takes place in Buckingham Palace’s courtyard.

This city is one of the biggest in Europe.



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