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UNIT 1, Lessons 4-5, Англійська Мова 8 клас, А.М.Несвіт

Ex. 6, p. 16

1. How many subscribers did our local newspaper have last year?

2. Current events are always highlighted on the front page of any newspaper.

3. I think she will keep us informed about the events tomorrow.

4. What intervals is this magazine published at?

Ex. 3, p. 15

Ukrainian newspapers have articles on business and financial topics. They also cover a wide range of topic: from cultural to political events and news. Press in Ukraine gives information about political marathon, prominent citizens of Ukraine and, of course, about news form the world of show-business.

5. New products and services are advertised in every issue of this newspaper.

6. Newsprint is the name of the paper on which newspapers are print.

7. Is this magazine sold worldwide?

8. Advertising is becoming more and more popular in Ukraine nowadays.

Ex. 7, p. 16

a) Arguments and facts; 7 Days; Day; Kyiv Weekly; Telescope.

1. Great: 2. State affairs, home news, weather forecast; 3. A lot; 4. In the news

agent's: 5. Editions; 6. The postmen; 7. Different events all over the world.

Ex. 4, p. 18

1. С. 2. С. 3. A. 4. В.

Ex. 7, p. 18

Fashion, a lot of pictures.

Ex. 9, p. 19

The First Newspapers

The earliest newspapers were probably handwritten notices. They posted to be ready by the public. But the first true newspaper was a weekly newspaper. It started in Germany in 1609. It was called Strassburg Relation. The Germans were pioneers in newspaper publishing. Johannes Gutenberg, the man who developed the idea of movable type, came from Germany.

One of the first English-language newspapers. The London Gazette, was printed in England in 1665. "Gazette" is an old English word that means "official publication". Many newspapers today still use the word "gazette" in their names.

Ex. 4, p. 21

1. T. 2. F. 3. T. 4. F. 5. T. 6. T. 7. T. 8. F.

Ex.  6, p. 22

1. Sports, p. 6. 2. Weather, p.ll. 3. TV and radio, p. 10. 4. Editorial, p. 1. 5. Letters p. 12. 6. Business, p. 5.

Ex. 8, p. 22

1. Publish; 2. Has collected; 3. Came; 4. Do, know; 5. Are visiting; 6. Have developed; 7. Has read; 8. Does discuss; 9. Has found.


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