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UNIT 1, Lesson 11, Англійська Мова 8 клас, А.М.Несвіт

Ex. З, p. 28

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Ex. 5, p. 28

Ramon Calderon, the Real Madrid president, has declared his club's pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo officially over. The Spanish club spent much of last summer attempting to persuade Manchester United to sell their prized asset. However, despite Ronaldo making it clear he wanted to join Real, United refused to sell.

Despite missing out on the player, Calderon maintained Real would make a further attempt to sign Ronaldo, however, he now seems to have changed his mind. «It is forgotten, not only for January but forever,» Calderon said. «We would only talk about it if Manchester decide they want to sell him.

♦ But the matter is over. We talked about it last season. Manchester decided not to sell the player and we don't want to do anything against a club like Manchester.

♦ The player decided to stay and we accept it. Madrid is not doing anything to disturb a 'friend club' like Manchester.


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