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UNIT-3-3.4, Англійська Мова 8 клас, Л.В.Калініна, І.В.Самойлюкевич

Ex. Ill, p. 106

b) 2. I believe that the British Museum will live far in the 21* century. 3. I'm absolutely positive that double-deckers will enjoy more and more popularity. 4. It may be a bit outdated. 5. We can easily do without them. 6. It adds up to the traditions.

c) 2. They say, playing cricket in summer is the most widely observed tradition in Britain. 3. What do you think about the future of the British Museum? 4. The double-deckers are of great popularity among tourists. 5. What is going to happen to the Queen's family? 6. I'm absolutely positive that fish and chips will enjoy more and more popularity.


Анг. 8 клас, Л.В.Калініна

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