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UNIT-3-3.3, Англійська Мова 8 клас, Л.В.Калініна, І.В.Самойлюкевич

Ex. Ill, p. 98

a) 1. can; 2. may/might; 3. can; 4. may/might; 5. must; 6. may/might.

b) Weather Forecast

Early in the morning, the weather may be beautiful. The sun must shine and the sky might be blue and cloudless. In the middle of the morning it might change but we don't think it will. A cool wind may blow and in a very short time it may rain again.

Ex. IV, p. 100

c) The popular view of the British weather is that it is changeable. This is not true. The climate of the British Isles is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, the seas round the British Isles, and the position of the mountains and rivers. The typical weather patterns are fog, drizzle, and mild for the time of the year. Perhaps, the main characteristic of Britain's weather is that it is hard to predict. This is why people regularly listen to the weather forecast on the radio and television. Bernard Show humorously said that «Britain has no climate, it has only weather». The weather plays an important role. It is a conversation topic. It has given a start for many businesses, because all people need to take umbrellas and wear suitable clothes. It makes the British thankful together whatever the weather.

Ex. IV, p. 102

b) weather — forecast, rain, cold, occasional local thunderstorms, east wind, heavy showers, oppressive heat, warm funny day, a bitterly cold wind.

c) occasional local thunderstorms; a bitterly cold wind; late autumn; jolly and merry people; oppressive heat; heavy showers; warm funny day; a lovely night.

d) steady — steadily; hard — hardly; bitter — bitterly; exact — exactly; sudden — suddenly; serious — seriously.

Ex. VI, p. 104

a) Буклет

Буклет може закінчуватися деякими пам'ятками. Також часто додається список пропонованих заходів.

b) An extraordinary variety of events is celebrated in Britain. Some festivals, such as the festivals featuring poetry and music in Wales and the Highland games in Scotland, highlight national cultures. Others, such as the Trooping of the Colour, honor the reigning monarch.

Many regional festivals, such as the Up-Helly-A'festival in the Shetland Islands, recall an area's past. In addition, there are music festivals, theater festivals, religious festivals, and flower shows, as well as celebrations that accompany special horse races and sporting events.

Sports events in GB draw many spectators. Thousands of fans go to the stadiums to watch soccer, the nation's favorite sport. Rugby football, cricket, tennis, and golf are also popular. GB participates in international matches in all these sports. Many of Britain's festivals appeal to particular groups, such as the upper class, the working people, or members of other cultures who have immigrated to GB. For example, high society goes on parade at the Ascot Races, particularly on Ladies' Day. Much of the spectacle of this annual event is provided by the well-dressed women and top-hatted men. •

On the other hand, English miners unite to celebrate their profession in the Durham Miners' Gala. And in London, the Notting Hill Carnival celebrates the rich musical tradition of immigrants from the West Indies. The carnival, which began as an effort to soothe the cultural gap that began soon after the immigrants arrived, is probably the largest Afro-Caribbean festival in the world today. Many festivals celebrate the return of spring. Whitsuntide, for example, a religious holiday observed throughout GB on the seventh Sunday after Easter, celebrates returning hope and faith. In May, the British, who are traditionally considered to be enthusiastic gardeners, turn out for the Chelsea Flower Show in London. The Glyndebourne opera season also begins in May with pomp. And the theater season in Stratford-upon-Avon starts in the spring.

Summer time brings more flower shows, horse shows, and — particularly in Scotland and Wales-many fascinating sheepdog trials. This is also the time for huge, tourist-attracting festivals, such as Edinburgh International Festival held from mid-August to early September. So, it is impossible to list all festivals that take place in GB because, it seems, there is something to celebrate on almost every day of the year.


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