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UNIT-2-2.3, Англійська Мова 8 клас, Л.В.Калініна, І.В.Самойлюкевич

Ex. Ill, p. 60

b) 1. If I feel like watching a football match tonight, I will go to the stadium. 2. When the new sports bulletin is on sale, it will be much spoken about. 3. If this sport newspaper is popular with both children and adults. I will advise my parents subscribe to it. 4. If this weekly publishes articles about professional sports, it will be read mostly by men. 5. If you read The Independent from cover to cover, you will find the sport section near the end of the paper. 6. If my younger brother is interested in sport, I will recommend him to read The Sunday Sport.


will buy
won't regret
will share
will see
have looked will share

d) If you like any special urticle, you will cut it out and keep it. Sure, when you look at the article, it will encourage you to play sports more.

e) If I have a chance I will read the articles about basketball. When I feel competitive I will win. As soon as 1 read articles about basketball, I will go to the matches. If there is some information about famous sportsmen, I will read it. When the game is over, 1 will relax.

Ex. IV, p. 62

a) 1. The correspondent asked Michael Jordan when the team ♦Chicago Bulls* invited him. 2. The correspondent asked Michael Jordan when he was named Rookie of the Year. 3. The correspondent asked Michael Jordan if he took any other sports except basketball. 4. The correspondent asked Michael Jordan how long he had been playing for the «Chicago Bulls». 5. The correspondent asked Michael Jordan if there was any sport the greatest athlete of the century couldn't do.

b) 1 — polo; 2 — baseball; 3 — cricket; 4 — basketball; 5 — boxing; 6 — aerobics; 7 — wrestling; 8 — surfing.

Ex. V, p. 65

b) 1. We had all been in panic. 2. Matt would go crazy. 3. The boys were gloomy. 4. The roof would go up with shouts. 5. The crowd roared. 6. Old Matt was happy.

с) 1. to get — him out of the game, on the train; 2. to take — that train out, time. Bucko's place; 3. to go — crazy, on ice.

Ех. VI, р. 68

а) Приватний лист

Кожен лист має заключну частину. У заключній частині ви можете написати підсумкові зауваження. Завершуючи листа, вкажіть своє ім'я.

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