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UNIT-2-2.2, Англійська Мова 8 клас, Л.В.Калініна, І.В.Самойлюкевич

Ex.111, p. 50


Music Terms
Music People
rap singer
conduct conductor


— І say, Ann, what type of music do you like?

— I'm keen on pop-nut*к and do you have the хите preference?

— No, I prefer the kind of music that is more rhythmical.

— What is your favourite band at the moment?

— As for me. I enjoy «Okean Blzy*. and yours?

— I personally like «Тапок па Maydani Копко» because they play very funny music.

— What is your favourite hit of «Тапок» at the moment?

— I guess I like them all.

— Can you thing any for me?

— Well, 1 don't have a good voice to do this, but anyway I'll try.

— Super!


1. a) The Beatles was created in the 1960s in Liverpool, England,

b) They wrote energetic and powerful music, c) The Beatles was founded by John Lennon and Paul McCartney,

d) They became popular with songs «Yesterday* and «Yellow Submarine«,

e) They inspired other musicians to create new music.

2. a) Britney Spears was born in Louisiana, the USA, in 1981.

b) She dreamt to become a great performer,

c) She recorded her first album at the age of 15.

d) Britney Spears won many awards for her album.

e) Britney Spears was called the «pop queen»,

f) She has many music videos.


Ex. IV (c), p. 56

1. If I had a chance to talk to Andrew Lloyd Webber, I would ask him about his school years. 2. If I met Andrew Lloyd Webber, I would find out about his future plans. 3. If I were lucky to speak to Andrew Lloyd Webber, I wouldn't miss a chance to ask him about his music preferences. 4. If I came to Andrew Lloyd Webber, I would jump at the opportunity to take a picture with him. 5. When I meet Andrew Lloyd Webber I will try to speak to him.

Ex. V, p. 56

a) Приватний лист

Основна частина приватного листа складається з трьох або більше розділів. У цих розділах ви маєте представити тему або якісь новини, звернутися до попередньої теми, підбити підсумки того, що ви вже сказали. Упевніться, що ви відповіли на всі питання, які задав вам ваш друг або родич у попередньому листі.

b) I'm glad to tell you that my friend invited me to visit him. On the 30lh of October I'll arrive in London and we'll have fun celebrating Halloween.

Halloween means «holy evening», and takes place on 31st October. Although it is a much more important festival in the United States than Britain, it is celebrated by many people in the UK. It is particularly connected with witches and ghosts. At parties people dress up in strange costumes and pretend they are witches. They cut horrible faces in potatoes and other vegetables and put a candle inside, which shines through the eyes. People may play difficult games such as trying to eat an apple from a bucket of water without using their hands. As I said I am going to see all these interesting things.



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