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UNIT-1-1.4, Англійська Мова 8 клас, Л.В.Калініна, І.В.Самойлюкевич

Ex. Ill, p. 30

a) 1. May I go out? 2. Is it possible to play ball in the hall? 3. Let Ann play the piano at the assembly? 4. Can I watch birds with you?

b) 2. Sorry. 3. Of course, you may. 4. Sorry, you сапЧ. 5. Of course, you may. 6. Of course. 7. Good idea.

c) 2. Can I join you? 3. Let me open the window? 4. May I go out? 5. May I play with the cat? 6. You are certainly not allowed to go for a walk. 7. Let me take your bag?

Ex . IV, p. 31

Laura (from the USA)
Bill (from Britain)
Can choose subjects
Study more academic subjects than in other type of school
Allowed to decide whether to take subjects
Must wear school uniform
Can choose activities
May take a packed lunch from home
Allowed to be away from home for longer than in elementary school My parents have to pay for school dinner
Pupils are not allowed to be present at regular parent's evenings
He is not allowed to relax until he has done all his homework



Анг. 8 клас, Л.В.Калініна

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