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UNIT-1-1.1, Англійська Мова 8 клас, Л.В.Калініна, І.В.Самойлюкевич

Ex. Ill, p. 8

a) 1. I never play computer games. I rarely drink coffee. 2. I seldom miss classes. 3. I sometimes like to listen to pop-music. 4. I usually have lots of things to do after classes. 5. I often read books in original. 6. I always go shopping on the weekends.

b) 1. I always read the maps. 2. Ann and Helen never come to school in time. 3. We sometimes miss classes. 4. Steve often goes to the school library. 5. Laura usually uses the computer. 6. Olga seldom goes to dancing class. 7. Lucy and Paul rarel play sports.

c) 1. Yes, I do. 2. Three-four times a week. 3. No, I don't. I usually go to school by metro. 4. Yes, I do. 5. The pupil who is on duty does. 6. At music lessons. 7. We sometimes read maps. 8. I am never late for classes.

Ex. IV, p. 10

b) I am a pupil of the eighth form. I always have lots of things to do at school and also after school. Normally I have got six or seven lessons a day. That is why I usually stay at school from nine to half past two o'clock. I enjoy learning English, French and other subjects. I also adore foreign literature lessons and no wonder that I an» a regular reader of the school library. Anyway I also like all other subjects that we learn at school.

Luckily I am always eager to study more and more so I never have problems with studying. No wonder that I'm at the top of my class. Besides, we always do our homework with my classmates so we are all good pupils. As you see we are all good friends with my classmates and have lots of interests to share.

Ex. V, p. 12

1 — с; 2 — b; 3 — a; 4 — с; 5 — b; 6 — a.

Ех. VI, р. 13

а) Об'ява

Існує багато різновидів суспільних об'яв. Деякі з них є офіційними, а деякі друкуються окремими особами. Вони зазвичай стосуються майбутніх подій, загублених або знайдених речей чи пошуку компаньйонів. Передмова містить коротку інформацію про тип об'яви та її тему.


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