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UNIT 7, Англійська Мова 8 клас, Л.В.Биркун

Ex. 1.3/b, p. 132.

1) Have you ever baked; 2) Are you invited; 3) has just been found; 4) has been; 5) haven't ridden; 6) have been.

Ex. 2.4/b, p. 134.

1. Mark said he would see me in the office.

2. Emma says thf» conference will take place next week.

3. Chris asked if I would go to the cinema with him.

4. Doctor said I would have to be there at three o'clock the following afternoon.

5. Emily promised that she would call me if she heard anything.

6. TV host says it will be hot tomorrow.

7. Mrs White said she would stay at home next weekend.

8. Debby promised to meet him at the station and show him the way.

9. Mother promised she would buy that book for me.

10. Grandma said she would bake that cake for the party.

11. Sam says he will ask the teacher to explain the rule to him.

12. Jim said he would spend his holidays in Spain next summer.

13. Vivian was sure she would receive the grant next year.

14. Tad says they will combine lectures and practical classes for us.

15. Susan said she would be able to study as close to home as possible.

Ex. 4.2, p. 137.

1. с, 2. d, 3. b, 4. e, 5. a.

Ex. 4.4/b, p. 138.

1. T, 2. F, 3. F, 4. F. 5. F.

Ex. 4.5/b, p. 138.

1) say, will scream; 2) will be, doesn't come; 3) will miss, go; 4) will yon stay, takes off; 5) arrive, will phone; 6) will open, stops; 7) will wait, finish: 8) get; 9) invites; 10) will bring, is.


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