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UNIT-2, Англійська Мова 8 клас, Л.В.Биркун

Ex. 1.2, p. 15.

desert — a, island — d, lake — b, marsh — f, valley — e, steppe — c.

Ex. 2.1, p. 16.

1. Ukraine is larger than Great Britain.

2. Great Britain is situated in the western part of Europe and Ukraine is in the southeast of Central Europe.

3. Ukraine borders on Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Bilorus, Russia, Romania and Moldova.

4. Ukraine is bounded by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

5. Ukraine consists of 24 regions arid one autonomous republic, Crimea.

6. Great Britain borders on France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland.

7. Great Britain is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.

8. Great Britain consists of four parts: England. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Ex. 3.1/b, p. 19.

to flow — f, highlands — c, hill — b, lowlands — d, plain — a, relief — e. Speaker: Professor Stepovyi.

Mountains cover not 55 %. but only 5 % of the whole area of Ukraine.

The Crimean Mountains are in the south and the Carpathians are in the west of

the country.

The reporter didn't write down that besides forest — steppe regions there are also steppes in Ukraine.

Speaker: Professor Hillside.

The Lowlands are not in the north and in the east of England, but in the south and in the east.

The Highlands are not in the east, but in the north-west of England.

Northern Ireland is not marshes. It is a lowland region surrounding an area of


The reporter didn't write down about the Cambrian Mountains in Wales and in the north of England. Speaker: Professor Vodnyi.

The Dnipro flows not into the Sea of Azov, it flows into the Black Sea. There are not 2,000 but about 20,000 lakes in Ukraine. The reporter didn't mention the Danube, the longest river in Europe. Speaker: Professor Waterman.

Loch Ness is not in Northern Ireland, it is in Scotland.

Ex. 3.2, p. 19.

1) plains, 2) not very high, 3) two, 4) more...than, 5) low than, 6) longer than.

Ex. 4.1/b, p. 20.

average — b. mild — d, humid — c, rainfall — a.

Ex. 4.2, p. 21.

1. В. 2. D, 3. A and B, 4. B, 5. В and C, 6. A, 7. C, 8. B, 9. D.

Ex. 5.1/a, p. 23.

1) дуб, 2) сосна, 3) ялина, 4) береза.

Ех. 5.1/Ь, р. 23.

1) беркут, 2) видра, 3) шпак. 4) вепр, 5) дрізд чорний, 6) дятел, 7) горобець, 8) чайка. 9) вільшанка.

Ex. 5.4, p. 25.

1. Asiatic Lion.

2. Indian Rhino.

3. in the west.

4. No, they are in the north, in the east and in the north-west of India.

5. Cobras and Indian Elephants.

6. in the east.

Ex. 6.1, p. 25.

kilt — a, bagpipes — a, bandura — b, harp — c, rose — d. daffodil — e, shamrock — f, thistle — g, snowball — h.

Ex. 7.1/a, p. 28.

This is a picture of my summer house in Prohorovka. I go there every summer and very often in winter. My grandparents live there and they are very happy every time we visit them.

On the foreground yOu can see a big fence of green color that is about three meters high. Near the gate we have to big brown benches. Very often we sit there in the evenings and chat with the neighbors and friends.

The center of the picture is our house and the orchard. You can see the yard clearly because my cousin climbed up the tree opposite the gate and made a photo from above. The house is big, with five rooms and the kitchen. It was build 32 years ago by my grandfather. Very often many of our relatives visit the place and we have a very good time together!

On the right, there are three apple trees, two pear trees, three cherries and one peach tree. When my granddad planted the peach tree three years ago, we thought

it would never take root, but it did! Last summer we had the first fruit and they were so tasty!

On the left, you can see a big nut tree. I like eating them when they are young and my granny makes the most delicious nut jam in the world! It's a long and complicated process, but the result is worth it! Beside the tree, there's a garage and a small barnyard. My grandparents keep some hens, two pigs and a she-goat. And there's an Alsatian named Bucks to guard them all.

I love our summer house very much and would like to have the one of my own some time later!

Ex. 8.3/a, p. 30.

Greeting — e, Body — c, Closing — b. Sender — f. Stamp — a, Mailing address — d.

Ex. 8.3/b, p. 30.

What's up? I feel fine. Best wishes.
The weather is
How are you?
I am writing to tell
I'm planning to.
Miss you.
you. I have seen.
As can as I can see.
Do you miss me?
Seriously speaking.
Love, your.
I hope you can help nie.
I am very happy.
I play golf and tennis.
See you soon.
I have been.
Please, let me know.
Today it's sunny and warm.
Ixits of love.
Is beautiful.
Best regards.
As a rule.


Ex. 10.2, p. 34.

1. Ukraine is bounded by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

2. Polissia is a region in the north of Ukraine.

3. _ Roman-Kosh is the highest mountain in the Crimean Mountains.

4. The longest river in _ Ukraine is the Dnipro.

5. Kyiv is the capital of _ Ukraine.

6. The west of _ Ukraine is mountainous but the east is not.

7. The state of _ Ukraine is situated in _ Europe.

8. The Trent is one of the most important rivers of _ England.

9. In the east. _ Great Britain is bounded by the North Sea.

10. London, the capital of the United Kingdom, stands on the Thames.

11. The Loch Lomond is one of the most beautiful lakes in _ Scotland.

12. The Rio Grande flows on the border between the United States and _ Mexico.

13. _ Times Square is the central square in _ New York City.

14. _ Fifth Avenue is the street which is famous for its expensive shops.

15. The British Isles are separated from the Continent by the English Channel.

Ex. 10.3, p. 34.

The British Isles lie off the north-west coast of continental _ Europe.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of England,

_ Scotland, _ Wales and _ Northern Ireland.

_ Britain occupies the greater part of the British Isles. The Jargest of the islands isGreat Britain.

The main areas of high land arc in _ Scotland and _ Wales. In _ England, there's a range of hills called Uie Pen nines. The highest mountains in _ Scotland and Wales are Ben Nevis and Snowdon. The longest rivers are the Severn and the Thames.

Ex. 10.4, p. 34.

1. America was discovered by Christopher Columbus.

2. About half of the United States' territory is covered with mountains.

3. Southern parts of England are rarely covered with snow.

4. Warm air is brought to Great Britain by Gulf Stream.

5. The Great Lakes in the north of the USA are connected by natural channels.

6. The territory of the USA is bounded by two oceans in the west and in the east.

7. Scotland is separated from England by the Cheviots.

8. The Great Wall of China is called a wonder of the modern world by many people.

Ex. 10.5, p. 34.

1. Great Britain is situated in the north-west of Europe.

2. Ukraine is bounded by two seas in the south.

3. The Carpathian Mountains are covered with forests.

4. The people of Great Britain are called the British.

5. Great Britain is separated from the continental Europe by the English Channel.

6. The territory of the UK is divided onto four parts.

7. The national bird of Great Britain is called robin.

8. More than 200 languages are spoken in London.

9. Scottish kilts are worn by men.

10. Nearly all forests in Great Britain are cut down.

Ex. 10.6, p. 35.

visited, told, had attacked, gave, was finished, was, was guarded, was, lived, watched, checked, wanted, had to go, served, were called, was, were, guarded, was attacked, ran, lit, could be seen, was not used, is.

Ex. 11.1, p. 35.

1. A, 2. A, 3. B, 4. A, 5. B.


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