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UNIT 1, Англійська Мова 8 клас, Л.В.Биркун

Ex. 1/a, p. 4.

1 — gt 2 — f, 3 — c, 4 — a, 5 — h, 6 — d, 7 — b, 8 — e, 9 — i.

Ex. 1.2, p. 5.

Last summer my family went to Spa, a world-famous resort in Belgium. I have never heard of it* but my mom used to tell me it was one of the best places with mineral springs. It was very interesting for me, because I have never been abroad before. When we arrived we settled in a small house with another family of three. The house was very convenient and we had everything we needed, especially a separate bathroom and a cooker.

The next day we went to the natural springs and were given a certain amount of water that we had to drink. It had a specific taste, but I liked it. The place was beautiful. Gardens everywhere! Pergolas and pavilion were comfortable with fruit in vases and water in bottles.

There were not many boys and girls there, so I could find a person of interest only on the third day. His name was Victor, he came from Montenegro. We spent a nice time together and I hope we'll be pen pals.

We were 9 days in Spa and I didn't want to come back, though there were not so many places of entertainment. I don't know if I became healthier, but my mum says she feels ten years younger. I'd love to visit that place again

Ex. 2.1, p.6.

1) horse racing, 2) cycling. 3) mountain climbing, 4) figure skating, 5) swimming, 6) football, 7) volleyball, 8) chess, 9) hockey, 10) car racing, 11) scuba diving, 12) boating, 13) camping, 14) ski jumping, 15) windsurfing, 16) baseball.

Ex. 2.2, p. 7.

1) Michael Jordan, 2) Zinedine Zidane, 3) Vitalii and Volodymyr Klychko, 4) An-drii Shevchenko.

Ex. 3.1, p. 8.

1. My mom wanted me to eat health food but like all children I love crisps, hamburgers, hot dogs. So I ate not only health food.

2. Yes, I did. But 1 tried to do it not very often. 

3. Yes, I did, but not very often.

4. My Granny did because I spent most of my summer holidays at her place.

5. Yes, I think so. Because I spent most of my time in the country at my grandmother's.

6. Frankly speaking, no. I stayed in bed late during my summer holidays.

Ex. 3.3, p. 8.

Here's an example of some products' profit and harm.

Banana — is very tasty and good for your health. It has very small amount of calories, so can be eaten by almost any person without any risks. However, this product is not very easily digested, so if you eat three or more bananas, you can get intoxicated and suffer a lot!

Nuts — arc very rich in proteins and have a little bit of carbohydrates. The amount of proteins puts nuts on one level with meat, but of course, you have to eat many-many nuts to feel full. But be careful! If you don't chew nuts thoroughly, they can scratch you intestine and do a lot of harm to you!

Ex. 3.4, p. 8.

1. It was last September.

2. I saw a therapeutist and a dentist.

3. They found me healthy.

4. They wrote down all the information about me in my medical card.

5. They advised me to do more exercises and spend more time in the country.

Ex. 3.5, p.10.

1) b, g. h, і: 2) с; 3) a, j, к. 1; 1) е; 5) f; 6) d.

Ex. 3.6, p. 10.

It was a sunny day in summer. My friends and I went to the river to swim and sunbathe. First, everything was OK. We swam, sunbathed, dived and joked. But then I dived and injured my arm. I got scared when I got out of the water and saw my arm bleeding. My friends looked at me and stopped smiling. I was very pale at that moment. They provided me with first aid and took me to the hospital where I was examined by a surgeon in the emergency room. Then the surgeon gave some instructions to a nurse. The nurse bathed my wound, put a bandage 011 my arm and made me an injection. In some minutes she gave me some more medicines. I smiled, thanked her and left the hospital. My friends were waiting for me outside.

Ex. 4.1, p. 11.

comedy — f, commercial — i, documentary — d, fantasy — e, horror mance — b, thriller — g, trailer — h, western — a.

Ex. 4.2, p. 11.

1. D, 2. В and C, 3. D, 4. C, 5. A, 6. C, 7. B.

Ex. 4.4/a, p. 12.

1. T, 2. F, 3. F, 4. F, 5. T.

Ex. 4.4/b, p. 12.

4. School life.

Ex. 4.З/а, p. 95.

1. с; 2. a; 3. b: 4. g; 5. d, h; 6. f; 7. е.


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