Школяр України

About Myself

I’m 11 now and I’m an owl. I think so because school starts at 9.00 am and I get up at 7.00 am. I don’t find it easy! I have a big alarm clock but my mother usually has to come into my room and wake me. I think that I am not a lark because I can’t get up at 6.00 am and do a lot of things. Often I’m half-asleep during the first lesson – I can’t help it!

In the evening I’m not very tired and can do some important things. If I want to watch film late at night it is not so very difficult for me.

Most of my friends are in bed by 10.30 pm but, I really don’t like going to bed early. So after I have finished my homework, I usually watch TV or read in my own room until about 11.30 pm. It is easier for me to learn the poems or to revise the rules in the evening.



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